Visualising Illness

Visualising Illness is an incipient collaboration among medical humanities scholar Marta Arnaldi, art historian Gloria Boeri and doctor-artist Eoin Kelleher. 

Visions are not only representations of the world, but also ways to invent, reconfigure and translate it. Etymologically, they relate to our capacity to see, understand and imagine reality. Visualising Illness is an interdisciplinary research with public engagement programme that aims to bridge the gap between inner and outer world, visibility and clarity, form and content. To do so, it charts the ways in which medically-related experiences, including the current health crisis, have turned the invisible world of bacteria, viruses and disease into visible representations, be them literary texts, photographs, paintings, films, epidemiological data or medical screenings. The project challenges received notions of textuality and spatiality, whilst also contributing originally to the field of medical humanities, which thus far has concentrated largely on the written word.


‘Translating Psychiatry’ – 7 April 2022

Why do we need to see mental pain and how can we make it visible? What is the role of visual media in this all-rounded, daring form of translation, one that does not necessarily clarify meaning?

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