7 April 2022 – ‘Translating Psychiatry’


Marta Arnaldi, Oxford University
Alvise Sforza Tarabochia, University of Kent

Why do we need to see mental pain and how can we make it visible? What is the role of visual media in this all-rounded, daring form of translation, one that does not necessarily clarify meaning? And what are the ethical risks of translating what hurts us and, in this process of revelation, may, in a sense, hurt us even more?  

Dr Alvise Sforza Tarabochia is Senior Lecturer in Italian and Head of School of Cultures and Languages at the University of Kent, UK. He is the author of path-breaking publications, including an ambitious monograph – Psychiatry, Subjectivity, Community: Franco Basaglia and Biopolitics – published by Peter Lang in 2013. More recently, Alvise has investigated the visualisation of insanity and the othering of the insane both transculturally and transhistorically. He is currently working on a book tracing a cultural history of the representation and thematicisation of mental distress.

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