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Essays and commentary from the Translating Illness community.

  • Trans/lating Alibi

    On the mysterious, translatorly relationship between poetry and healing. A Spanish anthology edited in/at Seville by Dalila Colucci and Leonarda Trapassi, with the collaboration of Trinidad Durán, Carmela Simmarano (PhD candidate in Italian Studies), and the students of the Máster Universitario en Traducción e Interculturalidad, University of Seville. This Spanish, compact compendium of Alibi – the firstContinue…

  • ‘The Best Liar Among Us’: On Photography and Psychiatry

    Alvise Sforza Tarabochia interviewed by Gloria Boeri.  A constant appropriation of the other’s face, gestures, body and, ultimately, privacy and humanity takes place in the public realm. As author and photography theorist Ariella Aisha Azoulay remarks, in our era, ‘Everybody and everything is liable to become a photograph’. It is from Venice, where I have been researching forContinue…

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