Meaning, Medicine & Knowledge-Making.

How will a nuanced understanding of translation help us advance in literary and linguistic studies as well as in clinical research? Translating Illness explores these questions from an integrated, biocultural viewpoint.

Translating Illness is an interdisciplinary research project created by Dr Marta Arnaldi (University of Oxford) to explore: what do medicine and translation have in common?

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‘Translating Distress’ – 27 May 2021

How can translation help us communicate distress and wellbeing? What impact does the use of a foreign language have on the therapeutic journey of refugee survivors? In this talk, clinical psychologist Ross White and linguistician Jean-Marc Dewaele dialogue to explore the ethical and epistemic complexities of multilingual and multicultural mental health research.

‘The Disease of Translation’ – 29 April 2021

Covid-19, literature of quarantine and the aesthetics of old age and illness. How have modern writers and translators brought the language of medicine into the texture of fiction? Has the opposite ever happened?

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